FLORANS CALZATURE TOSCANA | calzature firenze, calzature toscana, scarpe firenze, scarpe toscana, intrecciato scarpe firenze, intrecciato scarpe toscana
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Handcrafted manufacturing of women’s shoes. 

The experience of three generations in the Florence leather and footwear district. Quality and reliability and the right price.

Manufacturing of women's shoes

Floran's produces women's shoes starting with the model’s design and development. Uppers, heels, soles, accessories and materials are assembled by hand and with the latest technology to produce samples and handcrafted production in series.

Innovative materials and technologies.

Floran's produces women’s shoes with ‘vegetable tanning’ , whilst paying attention to fashion, tradition, versatility, sustainability and cost-effectiveness in production. It provides a wide range of colour combinations and finishing processes to offer a unique style.

Third-party processing.

Floran's makes shoes for major international names. It supports brands, designers, pattern makers and production managers in the creation of trendy collections in a reliable and extremely cost-effective manner. The ‘made in Italy’ that pays!

Floran’s in short

A manufacturing company operating in the Florentine footwear district, specialised in the production of women’s shoes.

A family committed for (almost) one hundred years to the manufacturing of shoes and offering what only the made in Italy can ensure: an extraordinary capability to interpret trends, to adjust production quickly, to meticulously take care of every manufacturing process, and to provide elegance and comfort. Now combined with competitive prices and delivery terms.

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Summer Collection

Summer Collection

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Winter Collection

Winter Collection

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Special Woven shoes

Special Woven shoes

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  • Design.


    Support of designers and pattern makers and fine-tuning of the lasts.
    Design of the details and choice of production materials.

  • Processing.

    Cutting and hemming

    Hand cutting, with punch and automatic cutting. Assembly of the various parts and sewing of the uppers.

  • Assembly.

    Assembly and finishing

    Assembly of the uppers, gluing of various parts of the shoe and application of soles, heels and final finishing.

  • Delivery

    Control and delivery

    Final quality control, verification of the details on the pair of shoes and boxing for delivery.


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